Lumsden VC

D.S.O. with two bars

Conspicuous bravery World War I

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Major Frederick William Lumsden VC CB DSO of the Royal Marine Artillery was without doubt one of the bravest of the brave men on the field of battle.

In five months the major was awarded a DSO medal with two bars and the Victoria Cross.

The Victoria Cross is the highest award for bravery in the British Empire.

These awards were for his exploits in France from 1st January 1917 to 11th May 1917.

Hunter VC

Six German field guns had been captured

Six German field guns had been captured but it was necessary to leave them in their entrenched positions because of the heavy volume of fire.

The Germans couldn't get them back and they did not want them used against them. They were in the middle 300 yards from the German front line in France.

In order to get the field guns he led four Royal Marine Artillery teams and a party of Royal Marine Infantry through a hostile barrage of rifle and heavy machine-guns fire with shrapnel from shells and grenades exploding all around them.

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He led by force of example

He led by force of example inspiring energy, he succeeded in sending two teams back with the German field guns.

He saw that one gun was damaged he succeeded in sending another two teams back with guns.

He wanted the remaining good German field gun.

The Germans were gathering in considerable strength the hostile barrage was becoming more intense. The Germans had breached the defences, they had started progressing forward.

The Marines had to concentrate their attention on the attacking Germans. When they beat off the attack the major then attached the remaining gun to the team of horses and got it away.

He eventually fell victim to his own bravery on the night of the 3rd June 1918. He was in the front line of trenches when an alarm of an attack took place.

Whilst he was investigating the cause he was shot and killed.

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