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Royal Marine Reserve Units also go into action

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The RMR are the Royal Marine Commando's Reserve that sees action on a regular basis. His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent in his role as Commodore-in-Chief Maritime Reserves; emphasised the significant contribution that the RMR are making to augment established Units on operations.

They receive exactly the same rigorous, world class training as their regular counterparts, which means they can serve alongside regular Royal Marine Commandos to fill the gaps and replace men with specialists' skills.

Today the role of the Royal Marines Reserve is to provide Commando trained augmentees to bring units of the regular Corps up to its full war compliment on mobilisation or operational deployment.

The strength of the Royal Marines Reserve is about 970 all ranks, of which approximately 10% are serving with the Corps at any one time.

There are never enough volunteers if you are up to the challenge of becoming a Royal Marine Commando Reservist, or if you just want to find out more about them and meet some commando reservists, why not just pop along to your nearest RMR Unit.

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Royal Marine Commando Reservists

To join the RMR, volunteers must be aged between 17 and 30 (extended for ex-regulars). Potential Officers must be over 18 and under 26 or have previous commissioned service.

Reservists must be prepared to train for at least 26 days per year in their spare time, during evenings at RMR Units and at weekends. They must also carry out 14 days continous training annually.

An important part of recruit training is the Commando Course, which is obviously physically demanding. No man can be asked to attempt it unless he is physically fit and fully aware of the standars required to obtain the rights to wear the coveted Green Beret.

This initial training usually takes about one year, which includes two periods of two weeks at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines where regular recruits and officers are trained.

Once a man has completed Commando training, he has the opportunity to carry out his next couple of annual training periods away on exercises in the artic, jungle or desert.

The reservist can then specialise in one of the 18 specialists qualifications (SQs). These include Drill, Weapons or Physical Training Instructors, Mortar men, Assault Engineers, Landing Craft Coxswains, Drivers and Swimmer Canoeists.

Annual Bounty

All training is paid at comparable rates to those of regulars of the same rank. In addition, provided all statutory training is achieved, reservists receive an annual bounty which rises to over £1550 after 5 years.

Units and detachments, which recruit and trainin their own geographical ares, are locted throughout the country as detailed below.

Merseyside: Liverpool, Birmingham or Manchester. 0151 707 3414 (Tuesday)

Bristol: Bristol, Plymouth, Cardiff, Poole and Lympstone. 0117 973 3523 (Wednesday)

London: London, Henley-on-Thames, Chatham and Portsmouth. 020 7237 4331 (wednesday)

Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Greenock, Inverness and Dundee. Freephone: 0141 445 4331 (Wednesday)

Tyne: Newcastle, Leeds and Hartlepool. 0191 244 0550 (Tuesday)

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Royal Marine Reserve Units

Royal Marine Reserve Units hold regular briefings in the evenings for those who are interested in joining. Times and dates will vary by local arrangement.

To find out more, just phone your local Unit and go along and see what it is like for yourself.

After completing the application forms you will attend an interview. Then you have to complete some simple aptitude tests.

Then you will have to complete the pre-joining fitness tests. Attend a medical assessment including an eye test. Go through the security clearance process.

Then you will attend a selection /confirmation weekend to confirm that you have the determination and general aptitude to become a Royal Marine Commando. Royal Marine Reserves Royal Marine History 1

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